Project Iceworm

In 1959, the American army built a military base under the Greenland ice sheet to deploy missiles. Due to global warming, the waste left behind (nuclear waste, PCBs and others) following the abandonment of the base is resurfacing, threatening the Thule Inuit ecosystem. My installation (assembly of cyanotypes, collages, archives, aerial views, video) and my book break down events and transgressions: colonial attitude, destruction, pollution, giving to see an inaccessible and invisible reality.

Exhibition view of the solo show at the Museum Folkwang, Essen (DE).
Curated by Thomas Seelig.

Undoing the Black and White of History

Text from the catalog of the solo-exhibition at the Folkwang Museum, Essen (DE)
By Hester Keijser (Stead Bureau)

It all began when it was foretold(1) that the ice would melt faster than snowfall could replenish it, threatening to uncover what had lain buried for over half a century. Or wait. It began before that, when certain files(2) kept by the United States Army were declassified(3) and the information contained within started to leak to the press, the people and their governments, leading to a political scandal in Denmark. Or maybe it began even before that, when former workers from the Thule Air Base in Greenland involved in a clean up operation after an air crash had developed alarmingly high rates of cancer, and pressured their governments to investigate. In any case, a ball had started to roll and could no longer be stopped, unraveling in its wake a history of toxic waste, dangerously overconfident leaders, Cold War politics and the ruthless displacement of a people under colonial rule. (...)

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Exhibition view from diploma presentations (ECAL) & Museum Photoforum Pasquart, Bienne. 

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