Anastasia Mityukova


15 May 2020 - Launch of Parts Unknown, an online photography publication interpreting the notion of missing. The launch will be an interactive lecture in Zoom by The Royal Academy of Art Masters.

!!! Reported due COVID19 Project Iceworm at the Scope 2020 Biennale für Fotografie in Hannover, GER.

!!! Photobooks Switzerland volume 2 cancelled due COVID19.     



Aut inveniam viam aut faciam

translation from latin :" I shall either find a way, or make one".

It was the first line that wrote the famous first conqueror of the North Pole : Robert Peary (06.05.1856 - 20.02.1920). He arrives at the magnetic North Pole the 6th April 1909. Recently, scientists discovered and proved that Robert Peary never get to this point and he lied in his journal. From the 1st April 1909 of his journey, he decided to travel with a smaller amount of people, none of those could use a compass neither use a map, that way it was easier to "fake" his positions.

I decided to work on this project using just materials that I could find at home (old pictures, online webcams, books, journals, old polaroids, ice etc.). I worked on this objects, that way it make us think about arctic conditions. I also linked the pictures to the diary of Peary, the descriptions of the ice, weather, walk conditions. Somehow, I made my own trip "finding a way" and "making one".