Anastasia Mityukova


15 May 2020 - Launch of Parts Unknown, an online photography publication interpreting the notion of missing. The launch will be an interactive lecture in Zoom by The Royal Academy of Art Masters.

!!! Reported due COVID19 Project Iceworm at the Scope 2020 Biennale für Fotografie in Hannover, GER.

!!! Photobooks Switzerland volume 2 cancelled due COVID19.     



En la linea del fuego

"US diplomats in Havana, Cuba, began reporting to embassy officials that they were hearing bizarre noises and experiencing a range of physical symptoms, the State Department and federal investigators have been unable to attribute the source or cause of the ailments, which they've determined, simply, "were most likely related to trauma from a non-natural source." CNN

The journalists are standing in front of the American embassy, talking about something that no one can see. So I decided to find all the proofs that something is going on, I went to the Havana, and collected all the evidences of the happening. I create what media wants to make - a paranoiac state. Because, when I was there, there was nothing at all to be seen.