Anastasia Mityukova


solo shows
2023  Have you ever seen an iceberg under the rain? ” - at the Center of Photography, Geneva, curated by Danaé Panchaud, CH
2019  “Project Iceworm” solo show curated by Thomas Seelig. “61⁄2 Wochen” at the Museum Folkwang Essen, GER.
collective exhibitions
- selection
2023  Project Iceworm” - at Tampere Art Museum, Backlight, FI.
2023  “Project Iceworm” - at the Biennale of Contemporary Art Beijing, CN.
2022  “Project Iceworm” - at the Foto Wien, Vienna, AU.
2022  “Freezing Point - Kunst unter Null Grad Celsius” - with Valentino Biagio Berndt and Marlon Lanziner, Marja Helander, Sally Kindberg, Carsten Nicolai, Emma Stibbon, Fridolin Walcher, Jun Yang and others at Villa Merkel, Galerie der Stadt Esslingen, GER.
2021  “Project Iceworm” at Imago Lisboa, PT.
2021  “Disappearing act” Arendt European Month of Photography Award, Arendt & Medernach, Luxembourg.
2021  “Project Iceworm” Arendt European Month of Photography Award, Arendt House, Luxembourg.
2021  “Project Iceworm” at the Scope 2020 Biennale für Fotographie in Hannover, GER.
2020  “Project Iceworm” at the FOTODOK curated by Daria Tuminas, Utrecht, NL.
2019  “Project Iceworm” “Book’s Lovers Shelf”, Camera Austria, Graz, AU.
2019  “Project Iceworm” at the Grand Prix Fotofestiwal 2019, in Lodz, PL.
2019  “Project Iceworm” at the Festival Circulations édition 2019, Paris, FR.
2019  “Blurring the Lines” collective exhibition with “Project Iceworm” at HKU, Utrecht, NL.
2019  “En la linea del fuego” in a collective exhibition at “L’image sans nom” in Liège, BE.
2018  “Selection/Auswahl 2018” with the “Project Iceworm”, Price of the Photoforum Pasquart, Bienne, CH.
2018  “Blurring the Lines” exhibition curated by Steve Bisson and Lisanne Van Happe, photography art fair in Paris, FR.
2018  VFG Young Talents Price with “Find a way or make one”, Galery Uno Art Space, Stuttgart, GER.
2018  Projection of "Find a way or make one" at the Internationnal Photographic Biennale in Liège (BIP), BE.
2018  VFG Young Talents Price with “Find a way or make one”, Galery ELAC, Lausanne, CH.
2018  Plat(t)form 2018. Fotomuseum, Winterthour, CH.
2017  “Novembre Magazine x écal” at the Paris Photo off program. Espace Canal Saint Martin, Paris, FR.
2017  VFG Young Talents Price with “Find a way or make one”, Oslo 8, Basel, CH.
2017  VFG Young Talents Price with “Find a way or make one”, Photobastei, Zurich, CH.
2020  Nominated for the C/O Berlin TALENT AWARD, GER.
2019  Nominated for the Deutsche Börse Photography Foundation Prize for the exhibition at the Museum Folkwang Essen, GER.
2019  Winner of the photography grant for the documentary FMAC by the City of Geneva, CH.
2019  Nominated for the f/12.2 project scholarship DZ BANK Art Collection, GER.
2019  Nominated for the C/O Berlin TALENT AWARD, GER.
2019  Nominated with the “Project Iceworm” for the Grand Prix Fotofestiwal in Lodz, PL.
2018  Support of ProHelvetia for the Young Photography, CH.
2018  Winner of “Blurring the Lines”, FR.
2018  Finalist of the Photoforum Pasquart Price with the “Project Iceworm”, Bienne, CH.
2018  Winner of the Landskrona Residency, SW.
2018  Shortlisted with the book “Project Iceworm” for the UNSEEN DUMMY AWARD at Amsterdam NL.
2018  Best portfolio review at Plat(t)form Winterthur, Fotomuseum, Winterthour, CH.
2018  Finalist of the Liege Photobook festival, dummy category with the book "En la linea del fuego", BE.
2017  Price for Young Swiss Photographers VFG in photography with “Find a way or make one”, finalist, CH.
2016  Fondation Barrière of Montreux price for talent & creativity, CH.
- selection
2023 The Eyes Magazine - n13; FRACTURES
2021  Rethinking Nature, European Month of Photography Catalog.
2020  Foam Magazine - In Limbo. What can Photography do? with Parts-unknown project.
2020   doc! photo magazine- Climate change Project Iceworm by Anastasia Mityukova, text by Cat Lachowskyj.
2019  “Anastasia Mityukova’s Project Iceworm” by Sarah Moroz in FLASH ART.
2019  Interview for UNSEEN Platform with Daria Tuminas.
2019  Publication in Numéro.
2018  Radio interview at the WDR radio station with Peter Backhof.
2018  Video interview by the Folkwand Museum, Essen, Germany in English.
2018  Interview  “Geheimprojekt „Iceworm“ und die Folgen” by Peter Backhof for the Deutschlandfunk.
2018  Catalog : “Project Iceworm”, for the Folkwang Museum, texts by Hester Keijser and Thomas Seelig.
2018  Book : “Blurring the lines” - Urbanautica Institute, 1st Edition.
2018  Book : “ Project Iceworm”, selfpublished.
2017  Novembre Magazine, special issue.
2017  Journal/dummy “En la Linea del Fuego”, selfpublished.
2017  “VFG 21”, Catalog of 21th Young Swiss Photography Price.
2016  “ECAL Année Propédeutique”, éditions ECAL.
2023  Workshop “Image-text or text-image?” CPG, CH.
2023  Workshop “Feedback Sessions” CPG, CH.
2023  Talk, Ecological Entanglements from Northeast China and Beyond, WU SPACE, CN.
2021  Talk, Possibilities and Limits of Making Art Online, Sprengel Museum Hannover, DE.
2021 Master Thesis : “Have you ever seen an iceberg under the rain?” received with honors under the supervision of Marie-Laure Allain Bonilla.
2018 Bachelor Thesis : “5 Scientific Hoaxes and How Photography Contributed To Build New Mythologies?” under the supervision of Joël Vacheron.
works in collections
Disappearing act” - Arendt & Medernach
“Disappearing act” -
Villa Merkel